Police Brutalize Alzheimer’s Patient

“Arnold Goodhile is a 76-year-old retiree who was diagnosed several years ago with Alzheimer’s disease. During the week, he spends three days in adult day care at the Dodge Park Rest Home, while Cindy arranges to work from home on the other two days so she can care for him.”

“It was 6:30 a.m. July 7 when Arnold walked past his wife in the kitchen and out the door, holding a six-inch fishing knife in its leather sheath. Cindy followed him and asked where he was going. He didn’t respond and continued down the driveway and around the corner. He headed the 50 yards toward the nearby Goodhile’s Market, a family business founded by his grandfather in 1927.

Arnold is frail and has never been aggressive, Cindy said, but she worried about what could happen if someone saw him walking around with a knife. So she called police. She gave the dispatcher her name and address and said that her husband has Alzheimer’s disease and had just left the house with a small knife. Then she, too, walked to the store.

Arnold, meanwhile, went into Goodhile’s and briefly conversed with a clerk. Then he went outside to the parking lot; his family believes he was heading back home. Within moments, a Holden police officer pulled up, pointed his gun at Arnold and demanded he drop the knife. Because people with Alzheimer’s can’t always follow direction, Arnold did nothing. Two more officers showed up and also aimed their weapons at Arnold, shouting at him to drop the knife.

“The knife was still in its case,” Cindy said. “My husband just stood there. He didn’t know what was happening.”

When Arnold didn’t drop the knife, one of the officers came up behind him and struck him so hard with a baton that it broke the skin on his elbow and later required two stitches. Then he was hit on the back of his legs, at which point he dropped to the ground. He was quickly handcuffed face down and, according to Cindy, “dragged” across the parking lot to await the arrival of an ambulance. ”


Make sure you read the comments section of the article for more tales of brutality and intimidation conducted by the region’s police department.

(Attribution: Worcester Telegram & Gazaette)


2 Responses to “Police Brutalize Alzheimer’s Patient”

  1. john s. meyer Says:

    An independant inquiry by the Town is called for here. Period.

  2. Fuck the HPD Says:

    I am a Holdenite and I have experience with the Holden PD. There are good cops and there a bad cops, no matter what city you go to. The bad is really bad, however, with the Holden PD. I know a few officers specifically who should be debadged for good. They always take things too far, they are like children playing cops and robbers in a town where nothing goes on. From entering houses without a warrant, brutalizing close friends of mine for no reason, brandishing their guns/tazers/pepperspray with no real threat, and being extremely racist. I know one officer in particular who carries up to 7 knives on his person at any given time and enjoys frequenting a website that collects images of dead/disfigured bodies. He needs a mental evaluation, he believes he’s a commando in a primarily white upper middle class suburban town. My sources are first hand and very reputable but I’m not here to prove anything. The issue is what happened to Arnold Goodhile. I personally would have walked up to Arnold, removed the knife from his person and brought him home to his family. Doesn’t this seem like the most logical course of action for any decent human being? Anyone who’s backing the HPD on this must have serious mental deficiencies or are probably town workers trying their best to sweep this under the carpet to save their Christmas bonus. Alzheimer’s is a disease which permanently impairs one’s short term memory, any orders given to Mr. Goodhile would be immediately forgotten. As would any other fleeting idea conceived by the sickly and frail SENIOR CITIZEN; i.e. using the weapon for any means possible. This man probably had absolutely no muscle mass from being ridden in a wheel chair for the past decade or so and has no real perception of reality whatsoever, he was near the legal definition of a vegetable before he died. Even if he had the weapon in his hand unsheathed, none of these “tough guy” officers would think they could have faster reaction time than a 76 year old man? SEVENTY SIX years old is fucking old, if he tried stabbing anyone he probably would fall over before the knife could break their skin. And what agenda could this 76 year old Arnold with Alzheimer’s possibly have? This whole thing is so ridiculous to me I can’t even hold a straight face writing this post..

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